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I have so much pressure on the back of my head .It worsens when I stand up and I get a head rush for about a minute, and can hear my heart beat in my ears. I also have lost peripheral in both eyes on two occasions where there's alot of squiggly lines until it goes black (btw I do not have high blood pressure.) I went to the ER a few days ago and the Dr was a prick. My cat scan came back normal and he quickly rushed me out but clearly there is something wrong. My muscles around my neck hurt but I guess that's kind of normal. If I cough my whole head hurts like a headache. Any clue? Thanks in advance


Because your CT scan came back normal, that suggests there is not anything neurologically wrong that would be causing these episodes. What I suspect is going on is something called orthostatic hypotension (low blood pressure when changing body positions). Basically, when you go from a laying or sitting position to standing up, your body needs a minute to adjust itself and get your blood pressure back up to where it should be. When you don’t give your body time to adjust, your BP falls rapidly for a minute which can cause the symptoms you describe. This is easily remedied (in an otherwise healthy person). The first thing is to rise SLOWLY. When you are laying down and need to get up, don’t just jump up like the house is on fire (unless it is!), but sit up on the side of your bed/couch & give your body a minute or so to adjust. Same with sitting to standing. Go slowly. Also, drinking plenty of fluids can keep you hydrated and help with the dizziness upon standing as it increases blood volume, which in turn affects your BP.

I hope this helps. Sorry you had a jerk doc in the ER. Many times if they just took time to explain how the body works their patients would understand and feel much more at ease and happy with their visit.

Good luck, and slow it down :)
AJM, Emergency Dept RN