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Dearest users of, I'm desperate for an answer to this mystery; I can hear my heartbeat in my left ear.

It all started around May 2008, after I had a terrible cold + fever. I could suddenly hear 'whooshing' sounds in my left ear. I figured that it'd go away but no it didn't. A month later I went to my school nurse, and she said that I shouldn't worry, that it was normal to get this 'whooshing'/heartbeat sound in my ear when having/had a cold, and that the sounds in my ear would go away.

A month passed, two months passed, several months passed, and it finally reached a year, and the sound had still not gone away. I started getting really scared, because I've been searching the internet for an answer, but no, I couldn't find one. I did, however, find several people asking the same question about his mystery.

So, I finally went to the doctor and he told me that he didn't know what it was (what a great help...) and that he found it unusual that I still have this whooshing/heartbeat sound in my left ear after a year after my cold had gone away.

I have had colds after May 2008, but they weren't as bad as the one back then.

What is this heartbeat-sound in my ear, and why do I still have it? Why did I get it and how do I get rid of it?

BTW : My friend had a terrible cold a while ago and she heard a heartbeat in her ear as well, BUT it went away as soon as she got rid of the cold. So it it because I still have a cold (I know, I know, that sounds so stupid) or have I developed something worse?

I also suffer from hay fever(!)


Hi, this may be pulsatile tinnitus, which is actually a symptom of an underlying cause. I have this, too. There are many possible causes. It's important (but often, not easy) to find a doctor willing to investigate further.

Do a search for "whooshers" for more information. There's an online support forum at whooshers dot com with much more information and stories from other whooshers. You're not alone!