My last period was this month on the 5th but not like any other period it only lasted for the 5th 6th and half of 7th during the 7th it slowed down and began to only be pink spotting and when my period began on the 5th at 9;30 I noticed I was having bad cramps so I figured I was getting my period so I put a pad on and when I go to pee I noticed only drips of blood in the toilet and when I wiped but none showing up on the pad until 1;45 2 in the after noon then it seemed to a regular monthly but ididnt bleed as much and I was already ending my period on the 7th around 3i noticed there began to show up very little to none blood on the pad and still drips of blood in the toilet there was mostly water and pee then the very lil drops of blood ... Around this time I no longer need it to wear a pad ... My periods only last for 3/4 days for example an normal period for me would of been started on the 5th6th7ththen8th and during that time I would of stopped bleeding sometime between 7th day late night or 8th day early morning ... It didn't bother me much until after my period I began to have reall bad cramps one day then it stopped the next day around 7/8pm I began to feel very sick I like to say roller coaster sick because it felt like if I was on a ride and couldn't get off it faded away till later that night around 11 till 2 am ... So days going by I began to get these cramps but there not to bad I noticed I drink more water then I used to which means I have more trips to the restroom not thinking of anything till I noticed I could be doing the dishes or just turning on the water when I suddenly needs to go pee ... I threw out milk be for the due date even said best used by because it tasted kinda funny and smelled spoiled I noticed I started to become picky in foods I could be hungry but won't get up to eat because my lazy ness and sometimes feeling like I'm just to weak to do anything but now I tend to eat more food then usually but not expecting to I get headaches every now and then and I'm a lot more sleepy I tend to fall asleep a lot and still be tired when I wake up its only been today the 25th and I still get these little cramps but still not knowing why I haven't puked yet but there has been times where I felt the need to .... I know it's to soon to even know if I'm pregnant or not but I'm really hoping and praying that Iam I love children and just can't wait to have a lilttle bundle of joy of my mine own if you have anything to help please give me back your response :)