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i have had the worst day ever!!!!!! i woke up with pain located in my upper chest and it will NOT go really concerned and need answers now!!!!!


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If you are that concerned, the ER or a doctor's office is where you should be. Not the internet.

There are SOOOO many reasons for pain, you need a live human to look at you.

I had 6x bypass surgery 15 years ago and I wake up with all kinds of different pains in my chest, none of which are related to my heart.

I cut some brush yesterday --- muscle pain.

I helped a friend push his car --- muscle pain.

I worked on my car yesterday --- leaned against the fender and created a sore spot.

It's raining today --- lower barometric pressure causes the healed sternum to hurt.

Stopped raining --- barometric pressure going up causes it to hurt.

Slept on one side most of the night --- rib cage stretching back into normal shape pulls on the wires they laced it up with, makes it hurt.

Ate some fried food yesterday --- acid reflux.


So if you're really worried --- SEE A DOCTOR!!!!