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Yesterday my 8 yr. old daughter complained of pain in her upper chest cavity. I asked her if she had a full bladder when she woke up and she said yes. I told her sometimes that happens because her full bladder pushes her organs until her diaphram and plural membrane hurt a bit. No idea if this is true but I experience the same pain all the time. She told me that it still hurt after school and this morning. Hmm..this afternoon I started experiencing pain in the same region.
It is under my right breast and feels almost like around my lung. I can breathe fine, with no pain but to twist or bend over or straighten out is quite painful. We are on well water and the fact that both of us are feeling the symptoms worry me.

Any answers or suggestions??


Well, I would say that it was caused by the stretched muscle or even some kind of an injury if it wasn't for the fact that you both are experiencing the same thing. And the pain from stretched muscles or even some air that gets trapped, similar to the way you have described, causes sharp stabbing kind of pain that gets worse when you breathe. But, also some infection that you both caught would cause more symptoms. Still, if any new sign appears or this doesn't stop you will have to see a doctor, no other way of knowing what is causing the pain.