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im a 17 yr old girl and have had 3 sexual partners. in febuary i stated birth control and the doctor found out i had chamydia, i took the anti biotics and didnt have sex for a month as advised (i only had sex with one person at the time). anywho last night durring sex i started bleeding, it was a little at first but then he was fingering me and it was a lot! however it stopped as soon as we went to bed and hasnt bled since. i looked online to see what it might be that caused the bleeding, basicly it could be anything from a cut to cancerous growth. i did notice some discharge a few days ago so im thinking based on what ive read it could be a yeast infection, cause ever since febuary i make sure to always use a condom and they always pull out anyway so i dont think its an STD. any other thoughts on what it most likely could be? just so many possibilities im pretty scared


Here is the deal. Your 17 and have had three partners and one of which gace you a very common std. What you do is take those three and times that by an average of 10 and you and slept with an average of potientialy 30 different people so yes you bleeding could be anything. Most people my are and younger like you have HPV. You have it and so do I. We all have it, it's just a mater of the strain you have. Now with you already having an std or two your body's immune system will weakens. I don't care if now your having your partners use condoms and they are pulling out. You still had all that time to contract slow developing std. That's what you should have been doing from the start. But that's over now. Your right it's not normal to get you "P" poked and bleed. It could by a cyst, tummer, infection, anything. Yeast infections are easy to diagnose so I don't think that's it unless it's evolved. Your "P" would have white or yellow discharge and stink. Monostat 7 will clear that up. 


i would recommend you do a couple things. 1 go see your gyno and get a full exam with MRI and all. Ask for it. Just don't let them talk you out of it.  Get full labs and test for everything. 2.  not sure what your living arrangements are at 17 and having sex with someone nightly, but you need to slow down and educate your self on sex, your body and stds. They are finding strains of gono that no longer respond to antibiotics. It's not going to be long that the same will be true with chamydia. Good luck, your life depends on it!