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I just found out i have Chlamydia from a guy i had sex with 4 years ago. 
Is it to late for it to be treated ?

Iv been with my Current boyfriend for 3 years and iv been trying so hard to get pregnant.
Does this mean i cant get pregnant , because iv had chlamydia for such a long time?

*pleaseee help me, im so worried ! i want a baby soo bad . Im scared i wont be able to get pregnant. :'(



This is very serious issue but let me give you some background information.  When you find out that you have an STD your state's department of health usually requires that you inform your past sexual partners.  Since you slept with him 4 years ago, that means he does not know when he contracted the disease so he's doing his best to inform all of his old partners.  

You don't know you have chlamydia until you're tested for it, you just know you MIGHT have been exposed to it.  The good thing is the odds are on your side that he contracted it after you've been with him since it's been so long.  

The bad the part if you actually do have chlamydia if not treated it can spread to the rest of your sexual organs and then you could have possibly develop pelvic inflammatory disease because it's been 4 years, which is the leading cause of preventable infertility in women.  And yes, PID could be the reason, you're not getting pregnant. 

So #1-- You have to be tested for chlamydia.
     #2-- You have to be treated if you do have it.  

Hopefully, you do have chlamydia and you'll be fine getting pregnant. 

Let me know how things turn out.  Best of luck :-)