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im 14 and a virgin

my mum told me my dad had a small penis and that means i do. my penis is 4.3 inches long and im wondering if that is normal for a 14 year old and if a girl is going to laugh.

and on the hole were sperm and urine comes out of there is a white spot thing around it about 1mm hight and 4mm diameter-is this normal or should i go to a GP


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hi harrye,

is that 4.3 inches long when errect or flaccid (non erect)? Either way that is still an average size for someone your age and even older. most guys who brag or talk about their penis size exaggerate. how long ago did you start puberty?? as for that white spot, are you uncircumscised? if so do you pull your foreskin back and wash your glans (head) daily?



I have to agree here with Biomajor
I think that you are still young to worry too much about this. I'm not sure why did your mother told you this? In my opinion think that is average.