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I am 13 years old and I can't retract my foreskin.

Should I be worried?

If so what should I do?


Hi Teddy,

I am 14 (Male) Now for the advice; you are having trouble retracting your foreskin now there are only two different situations when you could be doing this, Flaccid and Errect.

Flaccid Now, many people do't have trouble retracting their foreskin where their penis is flaccid because the foreskin is more likely to have stretched when your penis is errect so there should be no problem there.

Errect This is when the pain is most likely to occur because the foreskin needs to be broken first, like when girls have sex for the first time it is supposed to hurt. Because there is a peice of skin breaking, you would be best off getting some water based lube to make your skin wet so there is no pain.

I hope this helps.