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im 16 have some pubes and have a small penis
my gf is asking to have sex all the time and i keep making up c**p to get out of it
and have clear cum so wtf is up.
i have had a bj o her when she was drunk but she cant remamber it
and the tip of penis aka the crown, bell-end is sensetive but reaaly sensetive
im going to college next year and i can't be a virgin


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hey there guest ,

You sound like nothing more that a "late bloomer" everyone develops at different rates. i have had friends who were literally shaving in 6th grade and then others who were juniors in highschool(17) before the even started puberty. my roommate has a brother who is a freshman in highschool(14) and he can grow a bigger beard than i can and im 21.

but with that said i started late as well i was almost a sophomore before my voice cracked and i was a junior before i got any underarm hair at all.

i know it seems embarrassing but you will get through it and everything will normalize with time. now that im 21 i everything has caught up.

How are you measuring it. believe it or not there is a correct way to take penile measurements and sometimes other ways will give measurements smaller or bigger that what your penis really is.
your penis may seem small to you but in reality it is probably right around average size. the view at which we view our own penises is from the top making it seem smaller to us than it appears to others. so if you see others in the locker room or wherever and theirs seem way bigger keep that in mind. also are you overweight at all? overweight people tend to get fat deposits in their pubic region which tend to engulf part of the penis causing it to look much shorter than it really is.

how big are your testicles? their size (length hight width) can help determine the fertility status and stage of puberty.

This clear semen that you describe, when does it get released? does it leak out as you get sexually aroused? or does it dribble or shoot out when you climax and have pleasureable wavel-like feelings in your pelvis region? if it leaks out when you just get sexually excited then that is pre-ejaculatory fluid (pre-cum). If it is the later the fact that you can only ejaculate clear semen is simply because you are in an early stage of puberty and your acessory glands and testicles arn't fully developed and functioning yet. the white color comes from secreations that your prostate gland and testicles make. your semen will get whiter as you develope more.

finally just a few more questions to help determin what stage of puberty you are in.

when did you first start puberty?
do you have any leg hair if so how much,
do you have any abdominal or chest, or facial hair. (i would guess no)
now for some odder questions but it is to help rule out a rare chromosomal abnormality.

what size are your testicles (cm) i mentioned how to measure them above if you have any questions about it just ask.
Are your fingers abnormally long?
are you overweight at all
how tall are you and how much do you weigh?
have you experienced gynomastica (what looks like the formation of breasts (boobs).
have you ever had any trouble with learning ( mental retardation)

If you don't feel comfortable anserwing some of these personal questions on the public forum you can send me a private message

You mentioned you are going to go to college next year and you are only 16??? where are you from, here in the U.S. when your 16-17 your still only in your second or third year in highschool.
also why can't you be a virgin in college?(i'm in college and i'm still a virgin). There are more people out there who havent had sex yet than you think most of them just lie and say they have because they are afraid they will get made fun of. when you start having sex there is so much responsibilities you have to worry about. diseases, injuries, pregnancy ect.... take a look around the forum and you will see the the number 1 and 2 questions asked are fears about pregnancy and worries about STD's.

sorry for the long reply but im just trying to get a feel for where you are in puberty as well as help ease your worries and answer your questions.


hey thanks for that :-)
im from the uk so the schooling is much diffrent to what you have over there

my testies are:

width=10 cm

is that good or bad ?

i appriciate your help


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hey there guest, Your testies are great.... they are average if not a little above average sized. what about the other areas of puberty and any other secondary sex charectaristics