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hello, my name is rose. i am 17 yrs old and ive tryed so hard to become pregnant yes ik 17 is young and i should wait but i absolutly love children i am done with school and very mature for my age i really think i would be a perfect mother a have 2 jobs and im all the time takeing care of nefues and my brother so i have plenty of child care experiences. me and my bf have been trying over 2 yrs to have a baby and yet to come close ive had a couple of times i thought i was because my period was late but yet the tests became negative. i just want to know how to become pregnant im to the point i dont even think i can have kids :'( my older sister thought the same thing when she was 19 and trying so i really dont know what to do i honestly hope i can get pregnant but i just need some advice. and please no negative comments please.



make sure you are eating healthy, take vitamins, track your period and know your ovulation date you can also get and ovulation test at many known retailers by the pregnancy tests. you can also go to the doctors and they can help you track your ovulation and test you to see if you are able to get pregnant. also, make sure to keep stress out of your life because stress takes a toll on your body.