Hi I'm 21 years old and happily married and we've be trying to get pregnant for almost 3 years now. Over the pat two years my period have come less and less. It started off July of 2014, I stopped BCP and didn't get my period back until November, which I was told was normal, the first period was a light spotting but then I became regular again. March 2015 I moved to CA from FL to be with my husband, I had my regular March period, but I didn't get one again until May, then July, then October, then Feb 2016. May 2016 we flew back to FL and I got it instantly, at this point I called my DR and he put me I the patch, but after 3 months I stopped because my husband wanted kids and my cycle was regular while on the patch. Well in August I had 2 seizures, with no medical history in my family. Aug was my last period until Dec and now it's May and I haven't had one this year and I'm worried m. My DR says my blood tests are normal and that it's probably my weight, but I've only gained 5 pounds since 2014. Could it be anything else, I really want to carry my own child and the months in between period keeps tricking me into thinking I'm pregnant and every negative result makes my heart break. Any help?