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To make a long story short, my boyfriend and I were messing around and I was on top of him. Neither of us were wearing clothes and I was.... well... grinding against "him". He never penetrated me or ejaculated, but there was nothing between him and me. I'm concerned that some of his pre-cum got into me. I read that there's only semen in pre-cum if he had ejaculated recently and hadn't urinated to clean it out. I know that he hadn't masturbated in about two days before we did this.

Anyway, this was about 4 days ago and for the last 3 days, I've been feeling pre-menstrual-like cramps and I know for a fact that I'm due for my period either today or tomorrow. I was expecting it yesterday, but it never happened. I'm really scared, even though, from what I've read, the odds of pregnancy are next to none without penetration. I'm not going to relax until I have my regular visit from Aunt Flo; I just really want to know what you guys have to say on the subject. What are the odds that I'm pregnant, and is all of this worry really necessary?


Hi Sam,

The odds of pregnancy are very low.

If you're that close to having AF, then the egg likely wouldn't be viable anyways.