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My boyfriend and I have been going out for close to five months. He's fourteen and I'm fifteen. I told him that we aren't having sex, though we both want to until he's fifteen. But then I was wondering if his penis would fit, because I'm kind of tight and he's kind of big.

So we searched the house for condoms, because he told me about pre-cum (which I had NO idea about) and when we found none, we looked it up on the internet together. We heard several different things, that you can get pregnant from it, that pre-cum is not actually sperm but may contain sperm if the male ejaculated in the past few hours, that pre-cum has more sperm in it then real sperm, that urine can clean the sperm out of your penis. In the end, we decided to try it. We tried it twice and he didnt stay in for long but then I began to wonder,

maybe I got pregnant. I might just be you know, so I don't know. It was just last night that this happened. So on the one hand,

He'd ejaculated the night before but had gone to the washroom at least three times since then, not to mention my period ended on Monday. It was Saturday, so my eggs wouldn't really be quite there yet. Also, although I was wet, he didn't stay in very long and I don't think he had pre-cum. I'm pretty sure he didn't anyway.

I just want to know, do you think my odds of pregnancy are low or high? Should I go get checked out anyway even though it was the night before? And also, does urine kill sperm?


No ur not pregnant