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Back in March and April 2012 I had brown mucus anus discharge. it went away and has returned in June 2014. It is far worse now and frequent. I get it every few days mostly. It is golden colour mostly and sometimes brown. I feel sore when I have BM like there's always more to do or just sharp pain in my bottom. I hate feeling the urge for BM because mucus occurs. it comes out in gloops and when I wipe.back in July when u went one night i wiped my bum and it was golden mucus with 2 red tiny spots of blood. I panicked but didnt go to doctors. I'm embarrassed but now tomorrow I feel like I have to go as it is just continuing and I'm getting nowhere. I just feel really bogged down and run down.

i am 21 and also as well as the mucus I also always feel full like I can't eat much food. Why am I having mucus discharge? how is it back? Anyone else similar?


Also back then I thought it was to do with dietary such as frozen food and eating fast food. as back in 2012 I quit eating pizza and gravy chips and the mucus then quit. but now I don't actually eat much like all I eat is mostly bread and cereal and it has came back far worse.