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Picky eaters often suffer from nutritional deficiencies as a result of not incorporating enough healthy foods into their daily diet. Discover which foods can easily be added to your favorite meals without altering the taste of your dish.

Being a picky eater is something that is most often associated with childhood, especially during the toddler years. The majority of children who are picky eaters will go on to develop normal eating habits as they get older.

Some individuals however, will continue to be picky about the foods they eat well into adulthood. Adults who are picky eaters generally have several issues to deal with as a result of their poor food choices.

What about your social life?

Being a picky eater can be hard on your social life. Attending parties and receptions can be difficult for picky eaters, as there may not be any foods available that appeal to them. This is especially true for banquets and receptions that have only a fixed menu with a few select items to choose from. Even eating at a restaurant with a full menu can be difficult for picky eaters who eat less common foods, or foods that may be frowned upon by others. If all of the guests at your table are ordering healthy cuts of meat with a side of sautéed vegetables while you order nothing but a large plate of French fries, you are likely to get more than a few odd glances and questioning looks.

Picky eaters may have a long list of health conditions

Many picky eaters also suffer from poor nutrition and may have a long list of health conditions as a result. They are often deficient in essential vitamins and minerals, and may have one or more diseases and/or health conditions that result from improper nutrition. Most adults who are picky eaters are well aware of the dangers of not eating the foods that are rewired for a healthy diet, however, their aversion to certain foods and tastes can make it extremely difficult to incorporate those healthier foods into their diets.

How to incorporate healthier foods into the diet habits of a picky eater

Picky eaters who want to make an attempt to incorporate healthier foods into their lives should start by dong an overall analysis of the foods that they are currently eating. Make a list of the foods that you eat on a daily basis for one week. Starting a food journal is a good way to keep track of everything that you consume in a day. After a week of logging everything that you consume, take an in-depth look at the foods that make up your list. Create 2 separate columns for healthy and unhealthy foods, and place all of the foods that you have eaten into the appropriate category. This will give you a clear visual of what your eating habits are, and will help you realize the steps you need to take to make dietary changes.

Although it may seem obvious to eliminate the unhealthy foods first, a more practical approach is to focus on the healthy foods you are eating and try to incorporate more of those into your diet each day. Start by replacing one unhealthy snack or meal with one of the ones form the healthy category. Focus on fruits and vegetables first, and increase your servings of each daily. Experiment with different ways to prepare the healthy foods you enjoy, and focus on incorporating more of them into your diet. As you increase your servings of healthy foods, you are also dropping your servings of unhealthy foods as well.

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