? Hi, I'm 25 years old and have been told that I am suffering with Costochondritis. I also have anxiey, for which I take medication for. Although I have this pain under my lowest rib on the right side. it feels muscular at times ( costo) but this paticular pain doesnt feel like costo. I am wondering if it could be my liver or appendix as I have other issues:

* soreness
* a metallically / sickness taste im my mouth
* changes in bowel habits
* poor eating habits as not much of an appetite

I have had x-rays, bloods and physical examinations because the costo causes pain, palpitations, and generally feels like a heart attack.....but this is different.

I take a mild AD and slleping tab for my anxiety. and ibuprofen each day ( although combined with my AD can cause stomach bleeding?)

I have taken diazepam in the past for the costo. my doctor doesnt seem to take me seriously.

I dont drink, smoke, or take rec drugs.I sleep at a 45 degree angle as laying flat is uncomfortable

I know I have listed a lot here but i am at my wits end please help.