heyy, recently i was driven to the ER because i had very severe abdominal pain (on a 1-10 scale it was an 8.) i am 15 years old, and so my options are limited. at first, the doctors thought it was appendicitis because my white blood count was 15,000. but, the pain was all over. so they had me drink a large bottle of contrast and sent me to get a C.A.T scan, and the results showed that i had a slight thickening of the appendix. however, they also said i had cysts on both of my ovaries! i was admitted to the hospital and taken to pediatrics where i was going to stay for observation and while i was there, the surgeon said i did not have appendicitis but rather i had cysts that were giving me all this pain. but heres where it gets foggy, i started out with pain in my lower abdomen, and gradually it started to decrease and concentrate on my right side about mid way from my right ovary and under my ribcage. but when they scanned me the second time, it showed that the cyst on my right ovary was gone, and the one on the left was still there. also, my white blood count had gotten back down to normal. however my fever spiked as high as 100.4 and again, the nurse dismissed it as a hormonal hot flash and they went ahead, called it a cyst and discharged me. today, i just got back from a very experienced GYN that gave me an ultrasound. he said: "you have an exccedingly normal uterus!" he also explained that in gynecology what i had on my left ovary was not a cyst, but rather a folical. they only determine those things as cysts when they are 3mm long. mine was 2.5-2.8. so all my options had gone down the drain! i have had numerous blood tests done, two C.A.T scans, AND an ultrasound. no one can find a thing wrong with me even though i still feel a small amount of pain, i still feel very funky/not right and i am incredibly weak. when just walking up the stairs in my house i get winded and my heart rate speeds up considerably... i am a very thin white girl and apparently, this rules out even more options. (im not trying to brag i promise) my mom thinks that possibly i did have appendicitis but i was healed... my dad is a nurse and doesnt know what to think. i am a christian girl and i think healing is possible, but i dont think thats it.... maybe ya'll can help me? i have no idea what to do.