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For the past year I have been on a wheat free diet due to IBS. around the time this develped I started getting pains when i sneezed, coughed etc on the right side near my hip. A few weeks ago I had a bad stomach bug which knocked me for six for days - fevers and extreme sickness and diherea. After that I was still suffering fever and severe pain around my stomach and small intestine and still on the lower right side. I went to my GP and they said that the upper pain was from my stomach trying to get back to normal. A few days later the pain on my right became so much so I was finding it difficult to work, I went back to the doctors and expressed my concern, she checked for a hernia and then said that it was musculer - I was qt relieved at this. However a week later I was no better, my weight has dropped and I returned to a different doctor. she tested bloods and stools for roter virus and helicobater - negative. Now I have returned to the original doctor and she is looking at me as if I am imagianing this pain however has sent me for a scn which is in a months time. In the mean time i still have to be on a gluten free diet (although I am not a celiac its just that nothing is settling properly) and I have either a centralised pain just to the left of my right hip or what feels like intermitant period pains and bad cramps when my bowel moves. i go from constipation to the runs and am constantly shattered. Anybody got anyideas of how to help me ! PLEASE!!!


i had a stomach bug and for the following year (and currently) i get pains in my lower right abdomen. it is usually relieved by going #2. when i do, its often smaller more constipated style but seeing as that i go 1-2 times a day, i am NOT constipated. i was tested for celiac and came back negative so i know that is not the issue. i have read where it can take years for your digestive tract to overcome some stomach bugs.