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I used Immitrex twice last week for Migraines and just discovered that I'm four weeks pregnant? How dangerous is this to the newly developing embryo?


You should consider high dose riboflavin as an alternative to Immitrex.
A 1994 clinical study by Schoenen (50 people) double blind had a 50% success rate with 400 mg. single dose per day. Based on literature review
and experience of four friends - 100 mg/ twice a day is probably a better choice. Takes 2-3 mos. to kick in but virtually no side effects.Riboflavin is
Vitamin B2


"To date, the registry contains information about 376 pregnancy outcomes, including 334 cases of first-trimester exposures. Of those 334 first-trimester exposures, birth defects were reported in:

* 10 live births
* 1 stillbirth
* 1 induced abortion

No defects were reported in:

* 286 live births
* 3 stillbirths
* 22 spontaneous abortions (miscarriages)
* 22 induced abortions

Sara Ephross of GlaxoSmithKline, who made the presentation, commented, "The proportion [of children] with birth defects is 4%, not significantly different from the expected general-population proportion."