I am a 29 year old healthy woman. About 3 years ago while my DH and I were in the middle of intercourse I got s really bad sharp shooting pain in my stomach. We immediately stopped what we were doing even though it wasn't anything wr hadn't done before (pain free). I continued to hurry for days afterwards so I went to the er when I couldn't take the pain any longer. They did a pap and sent me home. They called the next day and told me that I had an infection and that I needed to start antibodics immediately. Jump forward a year.... I was still having pain during and after intercourse. I finally had enough and worked uo the courage to see a OBGYN. After my new pap came back abnormal and they did more testing and learned that I was VERY close to uterine cancer. I had a leep done and all paps have come back normal. I am still having lots of pain even without having intercourse. I have had surgery to check for endometriosis and cysts both were negative. All blood work had come back normal. I am literally in tears during my pap smears and sometimes intercourse. We can't figure anything out but I honestly think my marriage is in trouble because I never want to have sex. My DH had been very understanding but everyone had a breaking point.