I had a hysterectomy about fives yrs. ago and having the same symthoms only worst everyday. I have had CT-scans, ultrasounds, colonoscopy, barriem enema you name it I've had. I have gallstones with sludge, divericuloises, reflux disease, hierahernia(misspelled), depression, and fibromyalgia. None of the above are related to the pains that I am having. One surgeon wants to remove my gall stones and part of my colon. Another surgeon said that I did not need my colon removed and the gallstones are not related to my pain and that my appendix is fine, liver, pancreas and kidneys are fine. He asked me if my ovaries were removed for sure and I told him he was the third doctor that asked me the same question and the other doctors did my yearly pap smears when they asked. So now this last surgeon wants to see my records from the last hysterectomy and pathology report which was done on a military hospital. When I had my last colonoscopy done the GS doctor could not finish the procedure cause he said I had too much scar tissue so he couldn't get the camera in all the way. The last surgeon said that would be no reason not to finish unless he saw some metal or something that he did not want to touch. So now this surgeon also wants to see that report. So now I am waiting for him to get the reports so he can study them and then he will call me in for a visit. In the meantime I am in so much pain! Does anyone have the same sympthoms I am having? :'(