A couple years ago I had an abnormal pap and had a colposcopy. It came back normal and ive had normal paps since my last one a few weeks ago. Yesterday I had another colposcopy done and my doctor told me it looked a little more significant than last time. She gave me information on the leep procedure which she said might have to be performed. I wont know my results for a week. Im terrified. I have been an on again off again smoker and Ive always told my doctor I dont smoke. Im scared that I lied to her i don't know if it would really make a difference if she knew or not because im never smoking another cigarette again. Everytime I want one I just think about how badly I want to have children. please help im so scared and my health insurance is about to run out. I don't know what to do. Has anyone had the leep? how bad does it hurt? will i be able to have children down the road?