I'm M/24. So around sometime in december or so, I started getting indegestion...like more constant than I ever have. Also noticed a very light and dull feeling in my stomach a little right of my belly button. I ended up getting some different tests done, including a abdominal ultrasound which was okay. I have gotten a bunch of blood tests for varying things too and all turned out okay. I got a thyroid ultrasound, and my doctor said it seemed slighty off, but nothing really concerning and the thyroid blood test was okay.  I kind of had a consistant on and off with the indigestion and stomach feeling, but like around a month ago or so, I had a little constipation a few times. I also noticed two times (two days in a row) where my stool was dark. I don't think it was tar black, but it was definitely dark brown. I didn't really notice that again until 3 weeks or so later maybe. But I also started having some bloatingness/and feeling more gassy and belching. I also started feeling a little more light dull pain on my stomach. It's usually in one spot, but kind of moves a little sometimes, usually staying on the right just very recently sometimes to the left. Sometimes vaguely transitions to a lgith cramp feeling, but back into a very dull pain. My constipation has been okay for a little bit, but its hard to tell if that is from the ezo Ive been on or not. And I have stated getting some back pain, it's mostly stronger in the morning when I wake and then mostly goes away, but aI feel a little dullness occasionally. I have noticed some small darker spots in the stool though...and possibly some more bright color...but hard to really tell what could be blood and what isn't. Also a couple times with a some particles/mucas. I went to the GI last monday, and told me if after taking the ezo for two weeks and Im still not feeling great that I probably should get a colonospocy. Does this sound like IBS..or IBD or crohns? I'm just scared obviously of it being "that worse thing".