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For the past months I have been infected with food poisoning and treated with mebendazole. I noticed a lot of gurgling in my stomach especially in the left colon, sometimes pain there. I went to ER for an ultrasound scan and they reported 'normal', urine test and blood test were normal. Was told by the doctor that I am 'just thinking too much about the pain' and sent me home! He prescribed me some medicine for ulcer but I stopped taking after 1 tablet as it caused me to feel bloated.

Lately for about a week I have been passing pencil like stools, with a feeling of cloggness in the abdomen. I could not pass the remaining clogged stuff out no matter how much water I drink or eating a lot of fibre. I also feel a burning/acidic sensation in the stomach and abdominal pain once in a while. The worst part is feeling thirsty all the time, especially after passing some stool. I have been quite dehydrated for years even with drinking 12 glasses of water a day. I eat only natural high fibre foods. These are the foods I have been having in earlier years with no problems. I tried to include wheatgrass and brown rice but the stool didnt improve.

Now I am still passing pencil stools, feels clogged and constipated. The doctor is not convinced. What should I do? Going back and forth to the doctor has stretched a whole year and I am still feeling unwell.


Im pretty sure you have intestinal parisites Some times they dont show up in stool samples I lived in Mexico for 15 years and you should make sure the  meds you get kill all kinds. im not a doctor if they insist on samples give multiple samples