For the last 2 weeks I have ben having some rather strange symptoms. I am a 32 year old male. No medical conditions. for the past 2 weeks, I have started feeling a strange sensation in my stomach area. It's not really painful (1/10), its more like an uncomfortable irritation (tenderness?). Almost like pins and needles, but not quite that (hard to describe this 'pain'). Its kind of like sharp pressure pain, and focuses on random, small areas of my abdomen. Sometimes i dont feel it all, other times, it just kind of comes up, then goes away. It started near my bellybutton and now i can feel it in a few places like: about 3 inches to the left and right of belly button, upper abdomen, sometimes bellow navel area. its really quite random, and sometimes I can also feel like almost an itchy/burning sensation, which I cant figure out if it is on the skin, or beneath it. But the uncomfortable irritation is definetly under the skin (maybe on the abdominal wall?). I have had an ultrasound done, but the wall shows no hernias or anything. I've also been having a change in bowel movements (used to go twice a day, lately just once, and less stools). I got an xray done about 10 days ago, and the only thing the doctor said was I have alot of stool in my intestines and told me to take a laxative. It sort of helped with the constipation, but not much. Today I went to the doctor because I woke up with intense cramps, likely due to the constipation. He gave me sodium phosphates cleanser and emptied out my system and got diarrhea for a few hours. Now, I am sitting here, and although the cramps stopped shortly after they came, the irritation/pain/tenderness is more than before. before i had to almost notice it, and now I can't miss it. Its still not really painful (like 1.5/10)...its just something that is there, and its annoying and has gotten me worried about what it could be. I noticed that when I bend over, I can feel it a little more, but at other times, it comes on when i am completely still. Also, my stomach has been growling for a few days quite a bit (even after eating). does anyone know what could be causing this strange problem? Could it be feces in my intestines, or could it be gas? Doctors are not sure, and want me to wait it out. conclusion; random pains around my abdominal area, they are sharp and focused on one little area at a time, come at random times, but more often if I bend over or pick up a heavy object, and sometimes I feel an itchy/burning sensation on my stomach. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.  STRANGE THING IS THAT... I AM FEELING THAT MY BRAIN GETTING POWER. I AM FEELING THAT I AM BECOMING CLEVER, INTELLEGENT, AND ACTIVE. SUPPOSE I WAS ZERO BUT NOW I AM 200% GROWN, HOW THIS IS POSSIBLE. PLEASE EXPLAIN