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I was just wondering if anybody could help me. I went to the Doctors about a month ago with back pain and a swollen abdomen. The doctor sent me for blood tests and urine tests and I haven't heard back from him which I am guessing meant they were all clear. He also arranged for an ultrasound but I am yet to receive my appointment, which is annoying.

The doctor prescribed tablets to relieve constipation which worked fine but did not relieve the back pain or make the swelling in my abdomen go down. The lower right side of my back is swollen and is very painful, like a dull ache and sometimes stinging... It goes from my lower right abdomen right round the right side of my hip and back to my coccyx. Every now and again I get painful cramping in my abdomen. Bowel movements are starting to become painful and I have noticed some blood and mucus in the stools.

Does anybody have any ideas as to what this could be? I am only 19 and I am not pregnant. I am just sitting around waiting for my ultrasound appointment and god knows when i'll get it. :-(


hello i think that u really need to see another dr.and since they didn't call u bk with results then u need to contact them..cause really it sounds serious its not normal to have blood in stool..and can be very unsafe..will be prayindg for u





I've been suffering now with very swollen stomach and lower back pain.

I've been to the dr's 3 wks ago,Blood tests done all come back fine.

Ultrasound scan done yesterday on adominal and pelvis. all organs fine,

but show that my intestines /colon are full of gas.Now i don't know what to do?.

Still in so much pain with my lower back and still look 8 mths pregnant. so uncomfatable is there anything else i can do.