Hey guys I'm new here and I hope you guys still check this as I need help and some info/advice. I got my gallbladder removed on 8/5 due to a gallstone the size of a golf ball. Shortly after I was okay, didn't feel the nausea I had prior to surgery and my stomach felt fine. Maybe 4-5 days later, I started feeling a bit nauseated and this fullness feeling in my stomach like I had before. I feel nauseated all the time it seems and I feel like I can't each much because I get full quickly and feel like I will throw up which scares me. Is this possibly the gas they fill you up with still? I don't know what it is and I'm very upset this has happened and I was feeling fine really before. Now I can't really each much and I just feel full all the time and bloated which is so uncomfortable. I have loose stool and diarreah sometimes as well; so I don't think it's constipation. I don't really feel hungry but when I eat I do feel I fill up quickly and feel sick for hours and bloated. Ugh is this normal? I feel so miserable honestly just want to die or something :(. Any info would be great, thanks very much.