Hi there everyone, I'm new here. It all began on May where I wore a tight dress, I ate dinner with it and my stomach was sucked in while I ate and I felt that the food was probably stuck in my stomach or in my esophagus because of how tight the dress squeezed me. I took it off an hour later and the blocked bloated feeling in my chest that kept me feeling out of breath had slowly disappeared. A week later, it came back with vengeance when I ate a chicken wing and all of a sudden, it was the meat was slowly going down but being stuck in my esophagus. It would go down and then reflux back into my throat. I took domperidone and it did no good, the food was still stuck and acid suddenly came up into my throat. My doctor gave me Zantac and I took it for 5 days until the food stuck feeling had nearly disappeared. Then I ate a bagel and it was stuck again in my chest. A few days later the acid rushed up and again, the blocked feeling was almost gone so I ate some egg omelettes and it got stuck again. Then I ate a few peanuts thinking that it's rumoured to help digestion but it instead bloated my stomach so bad. I could only eat soup for a week because whenever I ate vegetables, there was the feeling of food going down with difficulty. Now, whenever I eat food, it still goes down with difficulty and I am bloated and full. I realized that if I sucked in my stomach, food is pushed into my esophagus and if I push out my stomach, food goes down easier. I'm also constipated for over 2 weeks now from not eating anything but soup and because I did the barium swallow, which showed that everything was normal: no strictures, no achalasia..nothing. What is this then?
P.S. I'm 16.