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Hello all, maybe someone can shed some light on a few things.  I am 23 year old male, who went to gym regularly and was feeling great until the following happened.

On April 28th, I woke up and hear a loud pop/crack in my neck and my left shoulder/neck immediately went rigid.  For the next six days I was instructed to take flexeril which seemed to help and most of the stiffness and pain went away.

During the next month, the pain and stiffness came and went but only in minor spurts with nothing serious.

On May 31, I took a trip to Texas and during the plane ride, severe turbulence ensued and was thrown around in my seat.  By the time we landed, the shoulder pain was back and the stiffness had returned.

On June 1, around 10:30am my swallowing problems started.  I was unable to swallow anything other than milk.  My own saliva was extremely hard to swallow.

For the next week, while in Texas, I remained at pain level 8-9 in my shoulder, with extreme stiffness and the inability to swallow.

I came back from the trip and saw my primary care physician who said it was nothing more than acid reflux and began taking Dexliant.

I was not convinced and went to an ENT who said everything looked normal, and in his report (not mentioned directly to me) thinks I need to see a shrink.

I then switched medical groups to get a second opinion from an Orthopedist.  He ordered an MRI of my shoulder, neck and brain and a CT scan of my neck.  He also performed an EMG/Neuro conductivity test all of which came up normal other than a small protrusion at the C5-6 level.

Afterwards he basically diagnosed me with cervical distonia and ordered physical therapy and put me on 30mg/day baclofen.  

I have now moved to the east coast for school and the problems still continue.  Currently I am getting physical therapy for my neck and shoulder.  I also recently had an endoscopy and came up clean.

Current medications:
--60mg Dexilant/day
--10mg Baclofen/day (weeing off)

Current symptoms:
--When drink/saliva move to second stage of swallowing (where toungue goes back) my throat doesn't seem to open enough to allow anything to pass.  If I can get past there, then the top of my esophagus get really irritated after a few bites of mac and cheese (only thing I can eat now)
--Severe numbness and tingling in my left side of my shoulder, neck, face and arm...with sometimes radiating to the right that only comes on at night time.
--Irritation around the top of my esophagus when swallowing solid foods, things get stuck and make me cough.  Liquids are mostly ok.
--Pain in my left bicep/tricep area throughout the entire day.
--Nasal congestion only in my left nostril.

Medical history:
--Allergies to everything they tested me for, been on injections for 3 years.
--TMJ that seemed to be solved until this injury occurred, now worse than ever.
--Mild/Moderate sleep apnea.
--Asthma that tends to come and go every few years.
--History of high cholesterol, high blood pressure and rapid weight gain two years ago.

It has been 3 months of neck/shoulder tightness & pain and 2 months of having swallowing issues.  I have lost 37 pounds now and can really not handle this anymore as school is starting soon and really need a definitive answers as to what is going on.

Please, any help would be great.  Thanks.


Hey bathtub2007, my Mom had the same problem of not being able to eat /swallow things properly. After going to several doctors they found that she had a slipped disc in her back that was pushing into where her esophagus was. My mom had been involved in an accident and only looked at her spine/back area from the back. Later they took and x-ray from the side and saw how it was slightly pushed into her body causing discomfort to her esophagus. Any who, hope that helps.


You need to ask for manometry testing of the esophogus to check the motility of the esophogus. Go to a major hospital that has specialized testing.