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Hey guys, I know my story is gonna be too long & boring for some of you, but please take your time and read it once because your experience and advise would certainly help a 20 year old young Afghan boy know what his exact health problems are. So, here I begin my fairytale...

It's been over 1.5 years now that I'm suffering chronic constipation, heartburn, morning headaches, rare dizziness, the feeling of something stuck in my throat and acid (Sour, White & sometimes yellowish liquid)  coming up to my throat for which I gotta clear  my throat all the time. During April 2013, I had a bunch of blood tests & examinations including an Endoscopy test done in one of the hospitals in New Delhi, India. In fact everything came up negative and was normal, but the only thing the Endoscopy revealed was Indigestion and everything else was normal inside my abdomen. I was then prescribed to take one Razo 20 mg tablet in the breakfast before any meal for 3 months. I completed the drug course during which my symptoms were gone and I didn't have any problem.

However, the damn symptoms (Specially the liquid coming up to my throat) return when I stop taking the tablets , so I still have to take the pills every other day. The good thing is that I can control my heartburn by switching to a clean & proper diet, however the only thing that really irritates me is the sour, white & sometimes yellowish liquid coming up to my throat and causing me sore throat since last 2 months.

I don't realize whether the liquid is acid coming up from stomach to my throat or anything else. I'm really fed up with clearing my throat all the time. I work as an Interpreter and my job is to fill the communication gap between two parties, but its kinda of humiliating for me to clear my throat every other minute in front of many people. Please guys, guide me on what to do... all your inputs are deeply appreciated. Thanks!


Indigestion is not normal but it's so common that people accept it as normal. You are on the right path by changing your diet but you have to continue to get rid of foods that compromises your digestive system(even if its your favorite food). Never eat foods that causes acid to build up, Never eat then lay down because that causes the acid to come back to your esophagus(especially heavy meals like meats, so light meals at night), Never eat foods that slows your metabolism such as pastas and bread made of wheat. Never eat starches at night because they give you energy and if you are going to sleep soon, then why do you need energy? That feeling of something stuck in your throat could be from the thickening of your esophagus due to it trying to heal itself from from the stomach acids. The fluid coming up sounds like partially digested food. I use to have most of what you have also food coming through my nose when I slept. I don't have any of that now and I never took medicine (over 10 yrs. now) to get rid of it. Medicine only act as ant-acids but its not the acids thats causing the problem. Its putting foods in your body that doesn't agree with YOUR particular acids and enzymes. You need to see a Gastrointestinal doctor regarding the lump in your throat to make sure it's not cancerous. And to find out do you have any gallstones that developes from high cholesterol and fatty meals. If thats the problem don't allow the doctor to convince you to get surgery as the first means of getting the stones out. Reseach other solutions. I hope this has been beneficial to you.