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I have a 55 year old mother who has a recurrence of cervical cancer. 10 years ago she was originally diagnosed and had a radical hysterectomy. Last June, her doctor informed us of a tumor in her lower back which was a recurrence of the cancer. She underwent radiation and chemotherapy for approx. 6 months. Recently, we found out that it has metastasized to small spots in her liver and perhaps one in her lung.

Her Dr. has advised us that aside from chemotherapy which carries a 20 -30% success rate, there is little that can be done. Just wondering if anyone has a similar story or knows of any clinical trials in progress for Cervical Cancer such as this?


How long ago was your mother diagonosed. My wife was diagnosed with cervical cancer unoperable, a month later she had 3-4 spots in both the liver and lungs. There are various clinical trials ongoing where are you located as different have seperate clinical trials going on.
Your doctor is correct we were told the success rate of the chemo being used is approx 30%.
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