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ive been using marijuana daily for about 4 years now.
for the first year or so everything seemed to be ok.
but for the past 2-3 years, everytime i come in contact with the plant, or smoke it.
i begin to have trouble breathing,wheezing,runny nose, itchy eyes

the thing i dont get is why would i develop these symptoms after so long?
currently my doctor prescribed me an inhaler
salbutamol sulphate, and it appears to be working
i use it after everytime i smoke.
i know i shouldnt but i cant help it.

i have stopped using the drug for about 2 days now
and still experience wheezing and alot of phlegm (spelling?)

im hoping in a few days it will stop.

well my question is what should i do?
im suspecting that my immune system has been weakend al these years, and its finally telling me to stop.

im gonna stop using for a few weeks
and try again

i really hopw someone can explain my condition
since i cant consult my doctor
since the drug is still illegal

thank you in advance


your immune system may not be weakening. as people get older they CAN develop allergies, sometimes to things they have never experienced any allergic reaction to. The best thing you can do is to take care of yourself to the best of your ability, drink plenty of water, ect. that whole song and dance...


I know what you mean. I smoked for years, too, and experienced the same symptoms. My throat would get tight, my eyes would water, stuffy nose, etc. My body was telling me to stop. I'm glad I did. After 3 + years, I haven't smoked anything, and my body is so much more healthy. I hope you can experience the same!


I agree. I've been smoking for quite a few years now and I too also have an inhaler as I have lately been having trouble breathing due to the effects of smoking heavily. Ever since I began smoking weed, my body started changing slowly and started to develop random hives here and there and I'm just now beginning to accept that my immune system is going through changes due to lack of a good diet, sleep and so forth. All I can say is that once you quit all that and start living a healthier fruitless life, you can start building up your immune system to be back and healthy again like them good 'ol days XD


Another thing about the immune system and weed: I would break out with cold sores every couple of months when I was smoking weed. Now, I experience cold sores only with stress or heat/sun exposure. It's not a constant cycle, which shows me that my immune system is stronger!


Yo, I also get cold sore breakouts. I'm a habitual pot head, smoke AT LEAST one joint a day, mainly to combat a strange anxiety towards everything. Breakouts happen EVERY week for months in a row; but not linked to amounts smoked daily (as this does differ). If I stop smoking (as in, vacationing with non-smokers) then no outbreaks happen. I haven't tried any MJ based ointments, since I've always thought the drug to cause my breakouts.

the dilemma is.....stop smoking and risk the possibility of a nervous breakdown; or continue smoking and remain a social outcast.

Anyone got tips on how to stop smoking, without loosing my sanity?


Guyest you can definitely try stepping down gradually by lowering your dose over a month period or so and then start skipping days until you're going a month a time without smoking pot. At that point, you'll have kicked the habit. I hope that this helps, as you will be able to effectively quit the drug without much difficulty.