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Wow read every post in your old thread
I never thought so many people had panics attacks on weed.

I first got high on march 31 2007. Never had previous experience with anything (such as cigs, alcohol, others) Was home alone, had gotten some weed from my sisters friends jar he left sitting out one time. Decided since my mom was going to be away for the weekend that it would be a good time. I also stay up ALL night (friday-saturday) and was pretty tired to.

So I had a mini homemade pipe carved out of soapstone, the bowl was small, only about 3 hits worth. I lit it and took several small hits, then one big his and cauphed like crazy until I got into the house. Grabbed some juice and I was taking a drink I felt my arm and head get tingly and realy warm so I stopped. It finally hit me, my vision started getting weird and tunnel. I felt like i was going to fall over when I walked. Sounds echoed and sounded farther away, consciousness felt like it was behind my body. Things looked farther away. I smoked as much as an average person would but I later found out that I have hypersensitivities to drugs and chemicals. After probably 15 min, I went and laid down on the chouch, my heart was pounding, I was really scared, but not panicky. I thought it was laced and thought I would just go to sleep and it would go away. It did, I got woken up by the phone a while later, and was just really tired for the rest of the evening.

Did some reasearch, found out what I felt was normal. A couple weeks later I decied to try some more, but WAY WAY WAY less. About a small pinch worth. I LOVED it. :D The high was such an amazing feeling. Ran out of weed (the stuff I took) could never get anymore didnt know were to ask, homeschooled, had no one to get anyone from. Finaly got somemore when I wen't to school. Then a couple months later I found out more info about my heart condition. Mitral valve prolapse with a leaky valve. Nothing dangerous but i strted getting peranoid about it and would get chest pain in my ribs (doctor verfied) this made me pernoid because I got the pains alot, chostochondritis or something it's called. So from then on I was never really able to get very high without being realy peranoid or having mild panic attacks due to worrying the weed might effect my heart. Even though I had only gotten high about 10 times I would not smoke for months at a time as well.

Part 2

I tried getting high a couple times throught the months. waited several then tried. Sometimes I could but always had wories about my heart. A couple months ago I finally was happy with the dose I would take. Only enough to get mild high, still liked it. Then one night at about 3:30am I vaporized more accidentally and got SO HIGH. Scared me a lot, worst panic ever had. Ever. Heartrate went up to 200, started shivering, skin became more pale. my mom phoned the ambulance. They came, ened up going into the hospital just to be safe. Wen't home at about 7:30am. It was the worst couple hours of my life.

Thought I quit, but still had some weed so I wanted to just take an uninhaled hit for the taste again, not meaning to get high. Pull panic attack again. I wasn't even high but I panicked for about 15 minutes and. Finaly it went away after an hour.

A week later in school or so I had a severe panic attack for no reason in class. I thought I was high for no reason. tunnel vision, sweaty palms, tingling, depersonalization. Lasted a few minutes. Had depersonalization for the next 3 days. And have mild-moderate anxiety at times ever since.

I don't think it was the weed, it's my fear of my heart condition. Even thought my heart seems healthy, I'm still paranoid about it. The weed just triggered me to be anxious and panicky. Now I'm really afraid of getting high, or drinking, or having any drug, or anything that makes me feel or perceive things different. I will get over this though, I have been getting a little better.


hey everyone... your posts helped me somehow.
i had the first panic attack BEFORE smoking pot , i remember i stepped on some splinter after shower and then i was trying to dig it out with some vodka and a multipurpose knife. eventually it popped out but i had a concern that it entered deeper into my body reaching steady my heart... 1st one was the worst one !
now i smoked pot like 8-9 times and it felt good , normal trips... and 2 weeks ago i had 1 little smoke on my balcony , and after i was relaxed until i realized that my heart was pumping really fast. It felt like i had no teeth and my arms started shaking out of control. I rushed downstairs to my parents for first aid and rushed inside and outside the house like 10-15 times to change the body temperature... i had a xanax and nitropector + multivitamins and i've started calming down after 2-3 hours . After 3 hours i was ZZzzzZZ.
*NOTE*- previous night before practice- smoked 2 joints + mcdonalds + club and 1 long island tea (very strong) all positive trips until my stomach went *barffff*...
my advise after all this is to DON'T smoke after doing intense physical effort or other activities that increases the fatigue.

peace all and 10x again for the posts.

Note- Male 18yo 1.91 m 112 kg's


hi, i never thought that there were all these people who had the same condition as me. i actually started having attacks when i was little. i would get them when i would get fevers for some reason. anyway i started smoking weed when i was 12-13 and was fine for a good year until when i was 14, i was at my friends party and got real high, this was a real f*****g bad panic attack. at first everything was fine but then my heart started beating reall fast and my legs(mostly) and whole body just began shaking very rapidly. i was shivering alot and i was staring to completely freak out. i felt like i had no control over my body and in a way felt like i was completley out of it. it honestly felt like i was going to die, i wanted to go get help but i just didnt. anyway after mabey a hour or two it started to fade as my high began to go away too. now looking back at it i realized i was'nt in a good state of mind to get high. i was getting a bad vibe from the whole thing and evryone at the party. now i am 16 and have only had a few since(all from smoking weed) and the few i have had only occur when i get high too quickly with high potency weed. my advice is if you are too get high, feel comfortable with the situation. you should know the people your smoking with and trust them,if your stressed out and have bad anxiety and just arnt feeling good, dont smoke it will most likely only get worse.thanks and i hoped this helped.


Does pot permanently re-wire your brain? I think so.

The first times I smoked were really intense, hard to describe but it was highly enjoyable. It was like some sort of spiritual awakening. A renaissance of creativity backed with a focussed burst of exuberant energy. A highly social experience to be shared with all. However, as my relationship with weed progressed that all changed. Confusion, extreme distraction, and social paranoia set in. The worst of this manifests itself today more than a decade after my last J. An inability to stay focussed on one idea long enough to abstractly reason out all angles has stayed with me. As has the fear that others are out to get me.

I smoked heavily for about 6 years between ages 15 to 21. Now 33 I have only smoked once since then. But that time about a year ago, it was the same exact high that I was having when I quit nearly ten years prior. The feeling of social paranoia and lack of clarity in thought returned in force. It brought me back to my former pathetic existence like a time warp. In retrospect, my brain has been re-wired. Amazingly, not just when high. I see the effects all the time. It's not just the social paranoia I still experience, it's my perception, my ability to reason abstractly has been permanently altered. The thought patterns that were over exercised while high, have calcified. My day to day thought patterns now route through those channels. History repeats itself time and again.

On the bright side, I can counter the affect somewhat. However, it takes quite a bit of conscious effort to re-route my thought process. Left alone I subconsciously fall into the same thought patterns. I want, and need, to understand more about the science of getting high. To put my experience into the appropriate context is key. The thought that these effects could be undone by meditation, by reason alone is something of a beacon of hope to me. This thread, and Steve Martin's interview by Teri Gross on Fresh Air have shed some light on my growing suspicions, and proved that it's not just me.

My second contribution here is the story of Mikey, my next door neighbor. I spent like every day with this kid since the second grade. Obviously he smoked like me, multiple times a day when we had it. Mikey was an obnoxious bully at times, and some new friends from a neighboring town disapproved. Notably Kieth. Kieth's plan was to get Mikey fried, not just fired but char broiled, then Kieth would challenge him, get in his face, prove that he was full of sh*t. To f*ck with him, put him in his place, see what he was really made of. I had mixed feelings about the plan, either Mikey was going to step up which would be a bad scene, or he would be demoted from ruler to a status of peer, a good thing in my mind. I honestly thought he would step up. Either way it was going to be interesting, and he'd been a real d*ck lately. So, we smoked, and after each of the four of us had packed a bowl Kieth starts in on him out of the blue. Insulting him, talking sh*t, calling him out. Truth be told, Mikey was a big kid, 6'3, strong, and he could have sent skinny little crack head Kieth to the emergency ward. Something completely unexpected happened, and I'll never forget this, Mikey snapped. He backed down, he was humiliated in a way I can't describe. He split in a disturbed state. Later I found out that his parents had checked him into a local mental hospital for a nervous breakdown. To this day I am shocked, prior to this he never displayed the least hint of fallibility, or humility high or not. It's not that shocking that secretly Mikey was as insecure as any of us, but that his insecurity manifested itself in such a drastic way, and was instantaneously exposed in so dramatically and completely. It was the pot no question in my mind. To make things worse, I highly doubt Mikey informed the doctors of our habits or that we were seriously baked that day. How could the doctors understand, make the right diagnosis, if they didn't have all the facts? They put him on Lithium. Dude, he was seriously whacked after that. Semi-retarded. A different person, like 16-17years of personality erased.

It's so important to recovery to understand how marijuana has affected our thought process... we have to act in our recovery with that knowledge else we fight phantoms...


Alright, im about to smoke weed with some friends that I know well, but im a very anxious person, like at the dentist when they sedate me (with shots) I get very worried and stuff. Il just say that im in high school.

My question is, do you think that I will have a panic attack if I smoke it?..
because my main fear is that I will not be able to control stuff that happens to me.

If you think I will have a panic attack, please tell me what it will be like. Ive read almost all the answers to the other thread by the way.

thanks. :-)


alright well i smoked weed my first time about a year and half ago with my brother i total freaked out when when it hit my i was high my i had about 10 hits and it was my first time. i ran downstairs to my mom and told her i was scared and she made me lie down and i was lying there trying to fall asleep and wake up and be normal and i did but the high was horrible and i was scared. after then i wanted to try it again because everyone says it so great.
so i tried it and it wasnt as bad as last time but it wasnt good, then the next time it was great i had no worries it was just a great feeling i have been smoking weed every since then about a couple times a month in hope of getting that great high but i only get it about 1/5 times.
then about a month ago on xmas eve i had this stuff called blackberry rhino that im pretty sure was laced well i smoked a bowl of that as well as some maui waui at first it was good then it kept getting more and more intense. i was sitting in my room and decided to take a shower i was sitting in the shower shampooing my hair then just got out still some shampoo in my hair i get up and just lay in my bed then it hit i had to rinse the shampoo out so i go back in and im sitting down and everywhere i look i see a yellow dinosaur with blue horns and big yellow teeth and i totally freakked out and went to my friends house my hair was still really wet i was totally freaked out that was the worse feeling in my life. every since then i have felt depersonlization when im by myself it worse but when im with people i dont notice as much but i get tunnel vision and it feels like im just floating threw life like i have no feelings when im writing it feels like im not even moving it just like my thoughts fall on the peice of paper. i was wondering what happened i heard your brain can get rewired from drugs


Wow, this thread has been a huge relief to me. But I wish I stumbled on it earlier.

First time I smoked pot I had a panic attack and me and all my friends said it has had some weird stuff inside so I didn't care. After that I smoked pot often and no symptoms. When I went to college I started smoking pot and then I had some of the worst moments in my life. Since I got panic attacks even after I quit cold turkey. I thought something was wrong with me, I thought I wasn't normal and was very, very self- and others- conscious. I've smoked pot with friends since and no matter how little I smoke I get the same thing. Months after that I still wondered if there's something wrong with me etc.

So I've been good for a while now (haven't smoked pot in probably a year) and I stumbled on this thread.

courtsnow, I know what you're EXACTLY going through. It does affect you and make you feel like sh*t but don't let that consume you. It's going to pass gradually with time hopefully speedy. Cheers. :-)


Found this forum through a Google search like many of the people here. I read through about 6 pages and was amazed at how we're all saying the same things!

I grew up a "good kid" but during high school a close friend finally got me to try pot. The first time I had the usual boring experience where nothing much happened. But as I started to do it more I started to get the panic attacks almost every time. It's funny, I have to think really hard to think of a time when I smoked and didn't panic.

I had the same feeling as everyone else, heart pounding incredibly hard, legs shaking so much that you could hear my shoes tapping on the ground, and telling my friends over and over that I felt like I was dying. Sometimes my friends would be cool and try to help me out but a lot of times people would laugh about it and that just makes you feel worse.

I do know sometimes I would smoke during lunch break at school and then when I went to my next class I would feel fine, just really tired, I literally fell asleep in that class almost every day, I'd wake up when the teacher called my name. But I remember those times were good, maybe the kid at lunch had a milder type of weed.

I haven't really smoked much since high school but for some reason now, 4 or 5 years later, I've been obsessed thinking about it. I've been reading up on how to actually grow it, the different strains of weed, etc. And I just really want to try it again. I even had a dream about it the other night, it was funny because in the dream I smoked and something about the weed made my vision turn purple. But I didn't panic in the dream, I loved it.

So I've gradually been asking people if they know where to get any, I don't talk to most of those old friends who I smoked with. Haven't had any luck but today I asked a friend and they invited me over to smoke. That's when I decided to Google my problem and now I'm not sure what to do.

I feel much more at peace with myself than I did in high school and I've spend a lot of time reading about drugs and people's trip stories and I'm just a lot more open-minded to the whole thing and I think I'm better equipped to deal with the panic IF it does happen. But I'm not fooling myself either, I know how fast things can spin out of control, and just because right now I'm telling myself I could handle it doesn't mean I won't be running around my friends house in a few hours freaking out.

So I'm not sure if I want to or not. I know I can't stop thinking about it. I hate that other people can just kick back and enjoy it. I feel like I jinxed myself now, after reading this discussion I KNOW I'll be thinking about it and I'll probably cause the panic attack myself, but I almost welcome it this time. I want to keep myself on the couch and talk myself through it and finally enjoy it for once. I want to conquer this problem. That's why I decided to post here, just to get some of this off my chest and then maybe I'll see if I want to go or not.


I have experienced my first panic attack during my first (and the last) try of cannabis. I thought it was onetime event, however, attacks started to repeat. During next month I have developed panic disorder and agoraphobia. That was hell. I became completely different person in such a short period.
Symptoms were quite unusual - I didn't feel any psychological anxiety or panic, just physiological symptoms (tremor, irritable heart, pressure on the chest all the time, breathing problems and many more). It seems my central nervous system was reset to a high level of anxiety.
I have read some psychology journals and found several articles about cannabis induced panic disorder, super sensitive individuals, latent panic disorders which can be triggered by marijuana. My psychiatrist didn't want to admit that this condition was caused by cannabis, but I am absolutely sure...
Treatment lasted for a one year and even now after six years I still feel slight consequences - several phobias and hyper kinetic heart syndrome. Sadly I will never be the same.


Well, this happened to me last night. I was at home, with my cousin and a couple friends who I actually haven't seen in a few months. But it's always a pretty chill time with them. I hadn't smoked any cannabis for probably 2 to 3 months. So I took some pretty big hits, me and 1 other were smoking, cashed out just 1 bowl. Well I was laying there on my bed just staring at the ceiling when a song came on that was just coincidental of something that happened that day, no big deal, just reminded me of something. I think that's where it went wrong. I felt like I couldn't talk to anybody, I could kinda of hear and see people were talking to me but I just couldn't tell if I was saying anyhting back. My heart was racing the whole time of course and I was real cold. I then felt like I was going crazy, something was going terribly wrong. I was filled with terror, scared of what was going to happen. My mind was telling me I wasn't ever going to see anybody ever again (that was about the time I crawled completely under the covers.) I then got up and laid on the cold bathroom flood, I really didn't know what was going on. I thought I was dead and in hell, hell being me looking out of my own eyes, but unable to move or talk. Thoughts raced through my mind as to what was happening. For some reason I thought I was going to have to stay like that for 18 years. I was thinking I was being punished by god (I'm not a religious person at all) I was thinking I may have to kill myself for the feelings to end (I'm also not suicidal.) This had gone on for what felt like forever, I think the most intense feelings only lasted for an hour maybe. I felt as though I had woken up from a very bad dream but was exhausted. My friends went home and I had the house to myself. I started to feel better after that, but was still uneasy.

My symptons include: rapid heart-beats, sweating, I was very cold, (there was also a window open at the time so I may have been cold anyway), intense thirst/cottonmouth, nausea (I did end up throwing up after most of the feelings had left) Intense feelings of death, hell, suicide, going crazy, not being able to speak.

I have smoked on and off for the past 8 years, usually just smoking every once in a while, couple times a month at most. I don't remember eating anything that day and I was tired to begin with. So that may have factored into it. I'm guessing this most certainly was a panic attack, although if anybody has any other thoughts, I would like to know. Thank you.


And a lot of people may not know, weed lowers your blood sugar a lot, especially if you haven't eaten for a couple hours, which can cause anxiety in itself. I think this can explain a few cases here.



I took my first puff when I was 7 years old and it was the best experience of my life. I now can't touch the stuff or I'll go into a hyperstimulated uncomfortable perhaps dangerous definately unhealthy state. So how did I go for best experience ever to worse feeling ever. I remeber rolling around on the ground for a half-hour in utter chemical stimulated joy at seven. I felt like I could do any thing I felt like I was flying. I liked it so much I started to smoke on special occasions eventually by 13 or 14 I was getting high everyday and still loving it life was great and I wish I could go back but there is no going back I've tryed. What happened was I grew up and the way my brain processes weed changed. I had my first panic attack after a week of drought ( meaning no weed around ) and I was jonesing real bad finally the drought ended and I got some weed and it f*****g flipped my lid, after that day I couldn't smoke without felling the fear. Once fear is attached to weed it never comes off, now I'm depressed and might be a bit insane. My advice stay away from weed because it will mess up your thoughts and leave you feeling the fear of death. When I was a kid weed was like sex that lasted for hours now its freaks me out so why do I think this is? What happen was when I was young I had no stress or resonsibilties, Mix weed with any fear and it they feed off eachother like a fearfire burning up your mind. Now I have panic attacls sober go figure the effect were permentant. To deal with them I take a SSRI which cut off my balls so I don't find women interesting anymore, tried to quite the SSRI paxil but its withdrawl made my syptoms worse so I went back on. I think masturbation or sex on weed might be linked to the panic attacks because I would get high and wack off alot and that changed. Weed is complex dont f**k with the sh*t unless your immuned some people never suffer from the fear. Well bye bye I'm gonna go not have an orgasm cause Paxil prevents it.


^ Emporio, thank God someone else had had a similar experience to me! I read your whole post.

I had a massive panic attack yesterday, after having smoked weed heavily for years (although i had cut right down in the last few days due to getting very mild symptoms of a "panic attack" on a couple of occaisions previously - at those times i did't know i was having a PA, though).

I was driving when it began completely out of the blue. It started with a dizzy feeling so i had to stop and sit in the van trying to get a handle on it. It got worse... i laid in the back of my (dirty) workvan, in almost a fit-like state. My whole body tensed up; my hands clenched and i couldn't open them, my face was tight and i couldn't open my mouth, i couldnt stop shaking, couldn't breathe, thinking i was going to have aheart attack... I was scared to death. I had been totally fine all morning and just began feeling slightly faint - just like i had when i had similar feelings whilst smoking weed recently and got the same reaction, only yesterday i hadn't touched even a cigarette let alone a joint. In fact, i had been getting tingling sensations from cig's too so had decided to quit smoking altogether on Thursday (26/3/09). And even before that, recently, smoking weed would sometimes lead to the tingling, and light headed fainting feeling whereupon if i didn't get to bed sharpish, i would be in big trouble. And no, i wasn't just "stoned", i'd smoked weed for nigh on 12 years... this was different. Very different.

Anyway, back to yeasterday. I managed to get enough of a grip to call my place of work and get a colleague came to collect me from the roadside and take me to A&E, where i spent the rest of the afternoon (it began at dinner time). I got worse once i arrived at A&E, before very slowly getting a hold on things by breathing into a bag for 3 and a half hours.

I was told i had had a bad panic attack and that i would be fine. So later on, they called work again and someone colected me an i was driven home. However, on the drive home i felt myself slipping and by the time i got home i was quite bad again. Cue another 3 hours sat on my bed breathing into a bag, shaking semi-voluntarily to stop me seizing up. I tend to feel better if i wriggle about and shake my limbs. Eventually i was ok enough to go to sleep - this was at around 8:45pm, by which time i was knackered from shaking and spasming for almost 9 hours. I had a night of broken sleep and some VERY odd dreams, waking properly at about 8am.

So i got up feeling a bit better but within 15 mins i was feeling very odd again; couldn't breathe, very bad tingling, the need to sit and shake/wriggle around. Back to bed i go to lay down and breathe into my mask/bag that i was given at A&E. By around 1pm i was a little better so watched the F1 qualifying on TV without my breathing bag.

Here i am now, 6pm, having just eaten a little. I still feel strange and short of breath but do feel a little better than earlier. If i felt better still i would feel more like typing out a full-on explanation of what has happened to me but i don't really feel up to it.

This topic has helped me though, thank you all for your input.


Hey everyone. Just want you all to know that there is a really bright light at the end of the tunnel. As in, whatever bad times you guys are going through, IT WILL PASS! As everyone else I used to enjoy getting high etc etc. In my prime I would have given Snoop Dogg a run for his money :p.

You just gotta realise that weed's not for you anymore. Sure, I miss it but I dont miss the suffocatin sense of fear that came with it in the end. Think of it as a message from your body telling you to drop a bad habbit. When my anxiety first started I thought I was gonna be a wreck for the rest of my life. I got all the side effects everyone has mentioned on this post. Fear, lack of appetite, end of the world. IT WILL PASS, end of story. Just grit your teeth, put your head down and get on with your life. Taking up a hobby or two is not a bad idea by the way ; ). When I smoked, I was constantly stressed, not achieving or making full use of my life and looking back I think I was a bit of a loser (weed does kinda become a big part of your existence). Today, Im near finishing my degree, I work fulltime, go out (drinkin hehe!), play guitar, keep active and spend time with my friends. This transformation has taken me, personally, over a year. Everyone different but I just wanted to let anyone who's worried about how they feel right now know that you will get better. Just make alist of things that you want to do/achieve and start taking steps to achieving them and stay of the weed (just realise that those days are over...unless you want another panic, personally, dont think so!). I really hope this helps anyone out there who's'll be fine : ).

P.S. Im gonna check this thread here and there if anyone's got any comment or questions.