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I am going through the beginning of the menapause; usual symptoms but also every 14 days heavy periods I have always had painful heavy periods but regular. I have a small fibroid of which I thought would not be a problem due to aging etc; however, is there a high risk of haemorrhaging because of the fibroid : Would his be dangerous? would it be best to have the fibroid removed?

Many Thanks


I do the same. I have several fibroids,cysts ect.My cycle is so heavy iget weak,tired.For 2 days before i hate myself and everything around me.Have you seen an OB/ I really think at times i will bleed to death.But they never offeres a solution for me.


I may have fibroids too and am scheduled for an ultrasound.
My symptoms include frequent urination at night, heaviness in my lower abdomen, very heavy period with exhauston, weakness and shortness of breath for a couple of days etc.
I just purchased a natural supplement on line that is supposed to shrink them ( rather than surgery or synthetic drugs)
If you write me, I will tell you more. Mention fibroids in subject and this message board in the e-mail.


I tried to register here, but it said the confirmation code that I entered was wrong 3 times.
I also found a natural product that took my depression away. It was especially bad a few days before my period, but bad all month.

These are the two things I am using. The first for perimenopause, the second for fibroids.

I take a tablespoon a day of the mgelatinized maca.

I am yet to receive the fibrovan. I hope it works!

I also began taking iron for the exhaustion ( just over the counter) and it is helping, but I don't think it addresses the underlying cause.


Ditto, I am 52, fibroids, very heavy bleeding, had a endometrial biopsy with was negative, now have just had transvaginal ultrasound. Will probably get results tomorrow. Nervous wreck. Sometime I think this is just menopause FINALLY arriving, then again you always think the worst. Any one else feeling this way?