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I am 25 years old, out of shape and overweight. I've had no heart conditions (that Im aware of) and no diabetes or anything for that matter. When I exercise, and strain myself, I have chest pain. Its never really painfull enough to stop doing what I do, but its there. It goes away when I slow down or stop, and I have found that the more exercise I do the less chest pain I get, if any.

My question is this: Is this the sysmptom of a bad heart, or just someone thats grossly out of shape? In other words do I have to worry about my heart per se, or just getting back into shape and losing some weight?



You are experiencing chest pain only during exercise? I wouldn't do any further exercise and I would get myself to a cardiologist right away without hesitation. It may not be serious, but it may be and you are taking risk by continuing to exercise without getting it checked out.

Good luck.