I am 23 year old man. I have been experiencing almost constant chest pain usually very moderate. Sometimes it gets tight and extremely painful. Last week I had chest pain, followed by dizziness, and then I passed out. I always have cold hands and feet, I have always attributed it to the fact I smoke cigarettes. However the chest pain and occasional dizziness is not going away, in fact it seems to be increasing. I am unemployed and without any medical insurance. I a wondering what I have symptoms of. Also what if anything can I do to help reduce them, or should I just go to a cardiologist. I used illicit drugs for about 5 years between age 15 to 20. Before that I never had any chest pain, and had never passed out. I am just getting really worried because I dont feel at all like myself. I exercise everyday and this seems to be the time when my chest and head feel the best, its usually when I am at a resting rate that the pain develops. Is it possibily a lung issue, I have been diagnosed asthma since I was five, and have been on epinephrine inhalers ever since. Could the inhaler be causing any of this? Thank you all who respond.