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Recently i had a cytobacterioligical urine exam done. Is this test for STIs? The test came back absent and I asked my doctor does that mean I have no STI he said there is nothing in your urine. I have this itching sensation that has been on going. Also if I squeeze my penis i notice a white discharge but I have to really squeeze hard. There is no burning when I urinate just the itching after the fact. Its hard to explain whats going on to the doctors where I am because they do not speak english well. My question is the urine test I had done did it test for STI. Please help. 


Hi Guest,

A cytobacteriological exam means that they are looking at cells in your urine sample.  It

Check with your doctor for specifics.

He may be investigating a suspected prostate, bladder, or urinary tract infection.  The white discharge you see is a concern. 

As to it testing for STD's, it can identify some viruses and other infections.  There are other tests that can also be used as well.