:'( im a 26 year female and this my first time im going through this, my last period was oct 1st, a month after that i spotted for only 1 day, in december i spotted for 6 days i went to the dr i had a urine test done out the dr mouth i had pid (pelvic disease) but when i went to go pick up my medical records 2 days later after having urine test and an ultra sound nO BLOOD NO PAP, i discovered i had white blood cells in my urine. few follicular cyst on my right ovary no PID, SO ANYWAY I WENT TO GO SEE A OB/GYN, HE TURNED ME AWAY BECAUSE MY WEIGHT SIZE, WHICH NOW IM STRESS AND DEVASTED, IM 5'9 275 SOLID BUILT, O well thats me, i now went to see a family dr/ ob/gyn. i had blood drawn and a urine test done for pregnancy results NEGATIVE, BUT i do show blood in my urine, i also tested for several STd's evrything NEG. so now im awaiting on my thyroid and kidney affection test to come back i should get my result done.WHAT AM I EXPERIENCING NOW IS FATIGUE, PAIN IN LOWER BELLY, DARK AREOLA, MOOD SWINGS, nausea, HEARTBURN, WHITE LOTION LIKE DISCHARGE (no smell), PAIN DURING SEX.
Somebody tell me what other test am i missing, what could be cause this light period, why havent i got pregnant, Am I PREGNANT?????????