So I'm a 14 year old girl and I haven't started my period. I know people all start at different times but all my friends have and I'm a bit concerned. My mum started hers when she was just 12. Its annoying because I have all the other signs of puberty, had boobs and had bras for ages, thick wirey public hair (tmi I know), light underarm hair, and the other stuff that comes with. I have and have had discharge that is white yellowish for quite a few months now and get pains in the stomach area every now and then. Also I went for a medical exam about a year ago as I had to to get a visa from the UK to Australia and the doctor asked me if I was on my period as my urine sample contained blood. I said no and she asked me to take another one. This one had more blood than the last. So she took my blood pressure to check there was no kidney problems and all was fine. So yeah is this normal or am I weird? Thanks.