I had STD like symptoms within a week after having an unprotected sex.

Very painful urination, constant itch and burning sensation.

I went to an urologist, gave a urine sample but doctor told me it’s most likely STD and we don’t have to wait for the urine sample results, he will just put me on 1g antibiotics and a shot and it should take care of it.

Two days after the treatment my symptoms didn’t go away in-fact got worsen and I started to have white cloudy discharges.

So I called the doctor and told them what’s going perhaps there should be a different treatment option based on my urine sample results. 

And hold tight here, they told me “sorry we lost your urine sample so we need you to come in and give another sample”

So I am pissed and frustrated, went there again, and that new sample came in negative while I had cloudy discharge, screaming pain when I urinate and itch and burning at all times. They told me because of the antibiotics I took the other day results probably came negative. So at that point they put me on 14 days doxycycline.

that actually helped and my symptoms and pain, burning, discharge disappeared within a 4-5 days. I completed the doxycycline treatment. However burning pain went away, discharge etc went away, itching and constant needle rubbing like sizzling coming somewhere inside my urethra didn’t go away!

i went back to doctor, same thing, urine sample negative but there is blood in there. 

They put me back to doxycycline another 14 days, which didn’t do anything. Plus towards end of the treatment I started to feel fever and tenderness on my lymp nodes. 

I called the doctor let them know about it. They told me I should get a full panel STD test, which I did right away and results came negative. And they told me to wait 3 months and if the itch feeling doesn’t go away I should contact them again.

A month after I decided to go to another urologist at that point.

They took a urine sample, results came negative but they told me there is blood in my urine sample so doctor will further examine that.

Doctor ordered abdominal CT Scan, blood test for kidney functions and a cystoscopy.

Ct scan and blood test came good, cystoscopy; she said I had a minor structure before the globe. She told me to wait another 4 months and follow up, because cystoscopy sometimes treats the stricture.

Itchy feeling disappeared after the procedure but came back a week after.

It’s constant and never ending. I tried different diets, and eating habits, nothing makes it lessen or worsen. 

So, 4 months after, around the time I am going to reschedule a follow up visit my health insurance changed with the new enrollment period and I couldn’t go to the same doctor because they wouldn’t accept my new insurance.

I found another urologist covered under my new insurance. 

I brought him all my medical records gave him a detailed scoop of the story. 

Same thing over there with my urine sample, everything negative but there is blood in my urine. 

First he put me on anti inflammatory pills for two weeks and scheduled me a visit right after that.

Anti inflammatory pills didn’t do anything. So he scheduled another cystoscopy to see if the structure still exist or if there is anything else. 

After the cystoscopy he said there is no stricture and everything looks okay. 

At this point he thinks that my brain makes the itchy painful sensation and having blood in my urine may not always mean there is something wrong with me. 

So he put me on antidepressant pills and told me to not to worry about it perhaps itching and pain will go away with time.

So this is where I am now. I am not taking any antidepressants pills, I am refusing it to do so. I don’t think my brain is jacked up and if there is blood in my urine there is something these doctors are not taking the extra mile to look in to. 

I am clueless and if I have to take those antidepressants I am going to take it because of my desperate situation. 

Because it effects my daily life, gives me mood swings and I don’t feel any sex drive constantly thinking I still have something going on and I don’t want to infect anyone.

Please share your thoughts, past experiences or comments, what next step I should take? 

Is there other tests that I could take to get bottom of this?