I am a 43 year old male, in good general health and 3 weeks ago I had unprotected sex with a girl I've being seeing on and off for a year. She swears she was clear of anything and I know was clean so I didnt think twice. About 4 days later I noticed some discharge from my penis, it was yellowish in color but did not smell. I had no burning while urinating but I did have what I could only describe as an itchy feeling afterwards. As I get an occasional UTI from dehydration and a history or kidney stones, I chalked it up to another UTI and called my doctor for an appointment so I could get checked out. My doctor was on vacation and would be back in town in a couple of days. I left a message for the service but in the meantime, the discharge was getting worse and not consistent with what I experienced in the past. I've never had an STI before but I suspected one now. I found a local testing center near work, gave them a urine sample and blood work was done. They gave me a three day supply of Cipro and said the results would be back in 2 days, that being Saturday. I called Saturday for the results and they weren't in yet, meanwhile, my Cipro ran out and my symptoms were not getting better. Monday finally came and the test showed negative for everything except chlamydia, that came back positive. I was given 2grams of azithromycin as treatment. I took the pills that night and the itching feeling went away in a few days. The discharge did not. It took a week and a half for the discharge to stop. This past weekend, the discharge returned after I had protected sex with the same girl. She had taken a doxycycline regimen after I told her the results came back positive. We did have unprotected oral sex however. I thought reinfection and called the clinic that did the testing. They said it was unlikely if she had the treatment and it was 2 weeks after she completed the treatment. They said it might be some parasite, I can't remember what it was called, but they gave me 2grams of metronidazole and said no alcohol. I did have a beer 4 days after my azithromycin treatment. Anyway, they said this should work in about 2 days otherwise I need to see a urologist. My concern is whether the correct treatment was given for the chlymadia and whether my body may have rejected the treatment or maybe it was reinfection. I also read that sometimes the chlamydia attacks the prostate. I'd like to get tested again, but I've read its too early and the results would not be reliable. If someone can give me some insight into this, I'd greatly appreciate it.