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Hello. I am 27-year-old female. For months ago I had an operation called ovarectomy in which surgeon removed my left ovary.
Diagnosis and secure indication for operation was polycystic ovary. After my operation I had regular controls and doctor said that my wound is healing very well. But, during my period one month later have had excessive vaginal discharge every day - sometimes even two or three times a day. Not only that there was liquid and blood that usual, but also content of my discharge became light green. Are those excessive discharges normal postoperative condition and why is it green?


Yes, I recognized all your symptoms. I had a similar operation like you but I had one ovary and fallot tube removed. I remember that I was very frightened when I saw all that discharge. My vaginal content at first had a normal color, red, but after few days it became green. I don’t think you could imagine how I felt! I thought that operation didn’t succeed at all and I was getting paranoiac. But doctor calmed me down when he said that this really is normal postoperative condition. Green color probably represents some kind of infection and you should send your swab to the lab and detailed analysis will probably show signs of infection.
Nothing that some widespectar antibiotic will not solve! Good luck!