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i need help to know what this is..
I am 16 years old and i just became sexually active about a month ago but even before that i would have very strong vaginal discharges and a strong feminine odor. I have excellent hygiene but i don't know why this happens it also seems discolored. is this normal?


Well, have you always had this vaginal discharge and smell or is it something that started a few months ago. I mean, we are all different and we all have some regular vaginal discharge, and vagina does smell a bit funny anyway.
Maybe, it’s your vaginal flora that is like that, end of story.

When there is a very strong odor, it usually means that there is an overgrowth of some organism in your vagina. It could be either yeast or bacteria that already live there but an imbalance can occur due to different factors.

Yeast overgrowth may happen after a prolonged antibiotic treatment, douching, excessive washing, washing detergents, etc. It can cause excessive vaginal discharge, smelly odor and itching.
Bacteria usually ends up from anal area to the vagina when we wipe the wrong way, or if we wear non-cotton panties, etc…..Bacteria causes similar symptoms.

So, the problems you are experiencing don’t have to do anything with your sexual experience.
Considering you started having intercourses, it is high time you visited a gyn, had an exam and learned a bit more about contraception and STD protection and other possible infections.