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For the past little while now i have been experiencing discharge. sometimes it is only very small amounts and other times it is quite heavy. it is usually white in color. but when exposed to the air it appears yellow. there also is some odour accompanied by it. what is causing this and is it cause for serious concerns? what treatments do you suggest?



My opinion is that you have a classic normal vaginal discharge. Beyond that this odor could be a symptom of vaginal infection.

All women have some vaginal discharge. Normal discharge may appear clear, cloudy white, and/or yellowish when dry on clothing. It may also contain white flecks and at times may be thin and stringy. Changes in normal discharge can occur for many reasons, including menstrual cycle, emotional stressors, nutritional status, pregnancy, usage of medications - including birth control pills, and sexual arousal.

However it could be an abnormal vaginal discharge and you can recognize mostly with changes in color or amount of discharge. Mostly that could be a vaginal infection. Vaginal infections are very common and most women will experience some form of a vaginal infection in their lifetime.

Here are some common symptoms of vaginal infections:

- Discharge accompanied by itching, rash or soreness
- Persistent, increased discharge
- Burning during urination
- White, clumpy discharge (somewhat like cottage cheese)
- Grey/white or yellow/green discharge with a foul odor

Here are some infections and symptoms that could be in your case:

overgrowth of bacteria and the delicate balance of the vaginal environment is upset when these bacteria occur in increased amounts.

Signs and Symptoms:
- Increased amount of discharge
- Grey or white, thin, watery discharge
- Foul/fishy odor with discharge
- Increased odor to discharge immediately after intercourse

an oral antibiotic or a topical antibiotic cream, most known Flagyl

This infection is caused by a one-celled protozoan organism and is an STD.

Signs and Symptoms:
- Yellow or green, frothy, discharge
- Foul odor with discharge
- Increased amount of discharge
- Increased frequency of urination
- Inflammation of vulva/vagina
- Itching

oral antibiotic, metronidazole and no alcohol consumption when taking the medication and for 48 hours after treatment!

infection occurs when there is an overabundance of yeast, often caused by a change in the pH balance of the vagina.

Signs and Symptoms:
- Increased amount of discharge
- Redness, itching, burning in vaginal/vulvar area
- White, clumpy (cottage cheese-like), discharge

Treatment consists of antifungal agents in the form of tablets, vaginal creams or suppositories. Over-the-counter treatments are available. However, if you are pregnant, always be sure to have any medications approved by a health care provider.

Anyways, for right diagnosis it will be the best solution to visit your gyno in next few days.



Hey, I think you have yeast infection, since you numbered all symptoms, typical for yeast infection and I think you should immediately visit your doctor, on the other hand there alre also over the couter tablets for yeast, but I am not sure this is yeast and you also had no experience, so I think it is better to visit doctor- just to be sure what is wrong. There is nothing to be ashamed- this is doctors job- what might seem unusual for you you, it is a daily routine to doctors, so do not hestitate to visit one. He’ll give you some antibiotics (antifugal tablets) and you’ll be fine in a while…
Good luck!


I am 19 and have recently have had sexual intercourse for the first time. My boyfriend did use a condom which we are sure did not break. But ever since then i have had a gelatinous white discharge from my vagina. It does not smell, is very minute in quantity. Also, my cycle is a little late.
Is this normal?
Could it be due to pregnancy?
Also, what exactly do these discharges signify?