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Hi, im 15 and ive got so many problems with my penis i start to think to myself that i have all different kinds of STD's first off is i have small dark red spots above me penis in the pubic area, ive had these for about 3-4 years now and they still havnt gone away! they arnt painfall or ichy nothing like that.. Also i still cant pull my foreskin back (im trying though) but when i can see the head of the penis, the back of it looks like a dark purple colour as if its bruised. Another problem i have is i have alot of small white bumps all over my balls and my penis. I accidently had intercourse with another boy when i was drunk but he only gave me head but i still think i have an STD or maybe even HIV :-( please help im scared i know this isnt normal to have all these problems


Hi Chris,

I don't think you have that many problems.

The dark red spots, they could be fordyce spots. They are common. It could also be a form of psoriasis.

Most young men can't pull their foreskin back all the way until around 16 or so. You seem to be on track. The dark purple color is normal. There are lots of blood vessels there and it can appear that color. Just make sure you clean on a regular basis.

The small white bumps also sound like fordyce spots. They are most commonly white, but can be red as in the other patches.

Ask your doctor about them but I don't think you have any problem.

As for having oral sex, I don't think it has anything to do with what you're seeing. If the other boy doesn't have an STD then you won't either. To be safe you may want to get tested.

Let us know if you have more questions. Good luck and relax!


Hi, thanks for the reply.

I do have fordyce spots but the red spots are kind of like small blood spots, im not even going to try and pop them so im just leaving them.
Is there a way i can get tested for an STD without my parents knowing?

Many thanks,




Glad to help.

The red spots are basically dilated blood vessels so yes, they are blood spots. Don't pop them, they are a still considered fordyce spots.

You can probably get tested, it depends on where you live, at a family planning clinic or similar. My 16 yo son asked me about it a few months ago and he didn't need my permission to do it. If it was for HIV/AIDS it was just a walk-in, no appointment. If he wanted the "full" screen, he'd need an appointment.

You could ask your school nurse where to go for testing or check your phone book. Try talking to your parents too. They'll understand.

Let us know if you need anything else and how you're doing.

Good luck


I can tell you that you more than likely do not have an STD. Although you had oral sex, the likelihood of getting an STD from it is pretty low. However, in light of your other issues, you can talk to your parents about seeing your doctor. You could tell them that you are having an issue with your genitalia that you'd rather discuss with your doctor privately. I am sure that they will understand and respect your privacy.