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I've been trying to keep myself active and fit, mainly by doing cardio exercises and running, but I'm suffering from vein thrombosis (on my legs). A while ago I read a report where massage and leg massage machines were blamed for dislodging blood clots. These clots can cause lung embolism or even a stroke, but my doctor never warned me not to have massage or use leg massage machines.

The main reason I'm asking this are the cramps I almost always get either after running or through the night and the only effective solution I've found so far is to use a simple vibrating leg massage machine. Because of my veins I can't say that what I'm doing is really deep massage and I practice it only when I need to get rid of the cramp. So far I haven't experienced any problems, but is it really likely that my massager might move the blood clot and cause a stroke?


Hello Samantha,

It is possible that massage could dislodge a blood clot.  After all blood clots can become dislodged all on their own from blood movement.  I'm wondering if you are on Coumadin (warfarin) to slowly remove your blood clot?  Yes blood clots can cause embolism and stroke.  If you're getting a fair amount of cramping and you have deep leg thrombosis, you might considers soaking in a warm tub of water after you exercise or hot spa.  This will help to relax tensed muscles and improve circulation.  If it isn't convenient to do that at the time, consider a hot pad or warm compresses which can be quickly done with any real mess or cleanup.