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Just a quick background story: I've been having this on and off leg ache for 9 months now. It first started after returning from a ski trip. It started out feeling like a cramp in my left leg. I immediately started panicking and thought it was a clot. I went to the doctor about two weeks later, and all he did was touch my legs, measure them and measuring my blood pressure, which was 130/70 at that time. I went on feeling shitty for about two more months, and it gradually started going away except from my groin area, which would be a bit sore and tender if I pressed it. It started again in early July after changing birth control brand to a safer brand (Loette). I emmidiately went to see a doctor again, and she just lightly touched my legs and measured my blood pressure. (120/80). Later that month I went on a vacation and the leg felt normal for those two weeks. Suddenly it started aching again, so I went to another doctor who did a d-dimer blood test. When I got back the results, my test paper said nothing about the d-dimer test, just a bunch of lupus related tests. I asked her if I had a clot, she said no. She found out that I'm seriously B12 deficient, and shortly after my results came back I started taking shots for the deficiency. Shortly after taking the shot my leg ache would disappear, and stay away until the last week before I had to take a new shot. Could this be sign of nerve damage, since B12 deficiency can cause nerve damage? However, here are the main symptoms: Dull on and off aching around my knee, inner thigh and sometimes my calf and shin. Tenderness/soreness when touching these areas. Twitching all over my leg, especially front and back thigh, buttcheeks and right next to my knee. Itchiness all over my left leg. There's no swelling, redness or warm areas. The aching is on and off and varies in intensity. Sometimes my left leg feels stiff and heavy. It usually feels better when walking/exercising. Sometimes I'll get the same feeling in my right leg, but not nearly as often as in the left. Relevant information: Age: 20. Sex: Female. On birth control pills. Non smoker. Normal weight. No blood clot history in family. I am planning on seeing my doctor again about this problem, but in the meantime I'd love to hear from people who've had experience with this or think they might have any idea of what this could be.


Do you mean to say that there is like a large bruise on a certain region of your left leg that doesn't disappear for a long time. It reappears, may disappear in a while and reappear later. Symptoms: Feel heavy, under high physical pressure when triggered. Can barely move sometimes, pain everywhere, can be very intense. If this is your case. I am thinking that you probably have microscopic polyangiitis. It is a disease where your immune system is going bizarre, your white blood cells kinda malfunction and instead attack your blood vessel walls, which could be causing the so called "blood clot", causing inflamation. When this leakage of blood becomes worse, which is when "intense", it will cause debilitating pain. 

The solution to this problem, there is no current cure that can permanently remove it. But, daily intake of a certain drug, such as prednisone and cyclophosphamide that can suppress your immune system. 

If this is your case, explain it to a doctor asap, double-check and get prescription. Because, this is a case that in the long term will eventually damage your lungs, kidneys and other organs that will lead to death. 

I hope this info helps.