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SO, before 1-2 years, I make stupid mistake. I was showering and put my finger inside my vagina, it hurts me a bit and i see Blood. After few our i get my period. Once i used tampons in size mini for virgin Girls, i stop it and never put anything inside. I am worry that I broke my hymen. I try too see it but i can figure out the shape and is hymen even there. I did not have sex yet, so my question is: Is it possible that i broke my hymen?  And since i did not have had sex yet is there any chance for me to bleed at my first time? 


We have well experiecned,highly qualified Lady Gynecologist/Plastic Surgeon to perform hymen reconstruction surgery -and are very serious about your confidentiality level.Hymen repair surgery,hymen restoration to tighten and restore to a more intact hymen,IVF,UTI,Hystoroscopy, for national and international patients.

The surgical options will be discussed with you and adequate choices given to you related to the type of procedure and choice of hospital at Delhi,India where we do our routine surgeries.