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About three months ago i notices i had two small light brown spots under my boobs. I went and told my doctor about it thinking it was ringworm..but she told me it just looked like freckles. Now they kinda itch and have a few more around them theres no ring around them. Can you tell me what this is im scared!!


ring worm,at boob level? Hmmmmm i doubt it.

ringworm: what's it look like?
it forms a red, elevated, rapidly growing, ringlike sore on the skin. The center of the ring may be clear. The sore itself may contain scales, crust, or fluid-filled areas. Itching and pain may accompany the sore

lets show a picture shall we:

Not to sound preverted...if u would not mind sending me a pic of the are i'd be happy to give you my non medical opinion (give me a few years and it will be medical).